We are a family friendly firearm education, training and sales company located in Burnsville MN.  

Beginners and novice shooters are invited to participate in our introductory level classes and seminars, where safe gun handling and marksmanship fundamentals are our primary focus.  For more experienced shooters we offer advanced classes and one on one coaching to help build your skills.  For those interested in learning to use a firearm for self defense or home protection we offer classes that stress safety and preparedness while teaching you key strategies for protecting yourself and your family. 

Our instructors are NRA, DNR and BCA certified to teach you safe, responsible, ethical and efficient use of firearms for a lifetime of enjoyment participating in the shooting sports.


Located in Burnsville, MN at 12751 County Rd. 5, Suite 125
 612-616-2339 / info@attitudeaa.net

Welcome to Attitude, Arms and Ammunition  LLC
We offer personalized education and training for
individuals and groups of two or more, with our friendly, licensed and certified firearms instructors.
Classes, activities and services include:

Minnesota/Florida Permit to Carry
MN Hunter Education/Firearms safety
Defensive Pistol
Introduction to Rifles, Handguns or Shotguns
Introduction to Modern Sporting Rifles
Pistol/Rifle Range
Rifle Bowling
Pistol Bowling
Scope & Sight Mounting and Bore-Sighting
Gun Cleaning
Individual Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun Coaching
Firearm & Accessory Sales

Contact Us
Attitude Arms and Ammunition LLC
Burnsville, Minnesota

Need a place to shoot?  Join us At the MN Horse and Hunt Club with your group of 1-4 for outdoor shooting.  Available for use, a 20 yard pistol range and 25, 50 100 and 200 yard rifle range,  $35 per shooter!  Please call or e-mail to make reservations:  612-616-2339 or info@attitudeaa.net
Firearm Safety Begins With You!
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